Introducing the Newest Member of the Cubs: Paul Maholm

Jed Hoyer said in a recent interview that the club’s main priority going forward is to add solid pitching. We’ve seen the Cubs acquire many players coming off down years this winter, and their newest addition is no exception. Pirates lefty Paul Maholm confirmed the rumors today with this tweet:

Maholm is 29 years old and has pitched with Pittsburgh for his entire career. He has a career win percentage of 42%, but that was with the Pirates, who have had their struggles, to say the least. I looked at Paul’s game log and found his deserved win-loss record was 13-13. (See this article for more info on my made up statistic.)

That record’s alright, especially for the price the Cubs got him at, but the main concern here is that he made only 26 starts. That’s because Maholm went on the 60-day DL with a strained left shoulder. Hopefully he can bounce back from that injury and stay healthy for the Cubs. Even if he doesn’t, with their pitching depth increasing daily, I think the rotation will be fine.

In conclusion, if Paul Maholm stays healthy he can fit quite nicely into the 4th or 5th spot in the Cubs rotation. Welcome to Chicago Paul!


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